Combo Bag

Combo Bag- ROTOPAK-PDJ-01-011

This product is most suitable for the following business sectors:

Our combo bags are designed to enable retailers to package takeaway food and drink products efficiently in one bag. They are an innovative solution that allows consumers to easily carry their products, without having to balance their bags and coffee cups, or worry about spillage.

This sturdy, easy-to-carry solid board bag has a square-shaped base to keep food upright during transportation and an outer compartment with a built-in cup holder, giving consumers easy access to their drink.

The combo bag complies with international hygiene standards and ensures product freshness throughout the supply chain. The approved food grade paper combination of the packaging prevents grease stains, retains the heat of hot food and absorbs moisture.

This innovative solution can be fully customized in terms of shape, with standard or high-quality printing and finishing techniques available to meet your company’s requirements and showcase its branding.


  • High-quality printing available
  • Made from solid board
  • Heat-retention properties and moisture-absorption material ensure product freshness
  • Prevention of grease stains
  • Approved for direct food contact
  • Easy to handle and assemble

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