Convertible Shipper Display

Convertible Shipper Display-UNIPAK-SRP-03-001

Other Shelf Ready Packaging , Promotional and Display Solutions

Designed as a secure transit and display case, this shelf-ready box serves both as packaging and as a point-of-sale display unit. This shelf-ready packaging is ready to be placed directly onto shelves in the retail environment and provides maximized strength and stability.

These shelf display boxes contain two parts. The upper part, which will be discarded before display, is produced with standard printing techniques in order to save on cost; the lower part is produced with high-quality printing techniques to optimize presentation of the company’s brand and all other communication materials, such as content description and barcodes, etc.

These boxes reduce shelf replenishment time and optimize stock and shelf-space management.


  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to open and store
  • Strong, lightweight material
  • Available in corrugated or solid board
  • Available with standard or high-quality printing techniques

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